GM60A  -  Samsung Mobile Digital X-Ray

The Samsung GM60A is suited for standard radiography positioning and for challenging positions, such as those required for trauma patients.  It delivers high quality care to different needs in a wide range of circumstances including patient rooms, operating rooms, emergency rooms and ICU.


Experience ...

  • high quality low dose imaging
  • effortless workflow with advanced mobility
  • reliable operation with enhanced usability
(click to download PDF)

(click to download PDF)


S-Detector Light Weight

Wireless S-Detectors are quick and lightweight for agile use.  A thin portable grid can be conveniently placed under patients to enhance their comfort.
(for example:  S3025-W is only 1.63kg)

Attentive Positioning

Fine positioning buttons offer handle-free and subtle 4-way adjustment, and an optional dual laser guide improves accuracy.  The system's tube reaches a range of 70 to 125cm, and offers a wide range of column rotation (+-315 degrees).

Quick Image Acquisition

Operators can display preview images in less than 3 seconds and full images in 10 seconds.  A touch shutter feature allows users to crop regions of interest by simply touching two points.

Intuitive Interface

A 17-inch touchscreen, intuitive icons and buttons facilitate easy operation.  Different battery indicators for exposure and mobile capabilities allow users to easily view each battery level.

Simple Data Transfer

Straight wireless image transmission to the PACS overcomes space constraints.  A tethered cable is available in case of Wi-Fi disruption or detector discharge.

Charge-and-Store Detector

The detector can be stored and charged simultaneously, even in motion.  There is no need to connect cables and replace batteries, and you can always carry charged detectors to minimize downtime.