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Diagnostic Viewing

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"By choosing Medical Imaging Technologies, rest assured you've made a good decision...  
...experts included."


Medical Imaging Technologies takes pride in providing best-of-breed imaging equipment, systems, and accessories. Over the last 34 years we have built strong relationships with end users, manufacturers, and other service organizations in the industry enhancing our ability to bring the best solutions to the health care community. We continuously review our portfolio and the latest technologies to stay in front of the market.

The majority of medical imaging equipment and accessories can be divided into four categories:

  • Medical Imaging Systems encompass all equipment used in the primary image acquisition process such as Radiographic, Ultrasound, DR, etc. Also included are post-processing software solutions that are used in the primary diagnosis process such as Computer Aided Diagnosis software, etc.

  • Image and Data Management Systems include all Server hardware, Storage systems, and related Software that receive, store, and distribute patient information collected from Medical Imaging Systems.

  • Diagnostic Viewing solutions include hardware and software used for the viewing and interpretation of patient images and information. This includes workstation hardware, software, and monitors.

  • Accessories include radiation protection apparel and devices, ergonomic furniture, patient tables, positioning devices, carts/racks, monitor and lighting mounts, etc.


Below we spotlight manufacturers/products/services that currently have our attention and may get yours.


Samsung is making a notable impact in Medical Imaging...

As one of the newest large-scale players in the medical imaging industry, Samsung is certainly on the move developing some of the most exciting new technology the industry has seen in a long time. 

  • NEW GM85 Mobile Digital X-ray System

  • NEW GC85A Ceiling Digital X-ray System

  • Best and easiest to use Long-Length Image Stitching on the market

  • Portable CT, Ultrasound, DR panels, Portable X-ray, and more...


Del Medical



"DEL MEDICAL's mission and commitment is to produce and provide affordable high quality best in class imaging solutions, utilizing the latest technologies to improve patient workflow and care.
Our industry is constantly changing and our dealer, Medical Imaging Technologies and their end-users know that our commitment is unwavering.  We will only offer best products, best pricing, best service and support; that is our commitment to this industry."  
-  Toufic Lorenzo, UMG/Del Medical


PACS system getting a little old?

Having PACS problems?  Running out of storage space, or having trouble getting good support?  The option to change to something better may be easier than you think.  PACS costs continue to decrease as features increase.  If an upgrade is not currently in the budget, we may be able to help bridge the gap between your legacy PACS system and current needs.





GPO member?

Medical Imaging Technologies is an authorized equipment and service provider for many National and Regional Hospital Groups and GPO's including HealthTrust, Premier, Vizient, Intalere, and others.



Federal or Local Government Agency? 


Medical Imaging Technologies is on GSA contract through our NHD affiliation.  Please contact us for more information and pricing.