Flat Panel Detector technology has many benefits including higher patient throughput, increased dose efficiency, and greater dynamic range.  


Medical Imaging Technologies continues to promote ALARA with the DR panels we represent.


Medical Imaging Technologies is the exclusive provider of Samsung DR Panel products in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

The Samsung XGEO GR40CW is designed for easy upgradability to a digital radiography (DR) system.  Keep your current equipment and advance to digital radiography without the added expense of a complete new system.  

With enhanced and efficient workflow, the GR40CW provides higher throughput enabling a greater number of patients to be served.  High quality patient care is easily achieved with the system's remarkable image and diagnostic accuracy.

  • CsI Amorphous Silicon TFT (Direct Deposition)
  • 35cm x 43cm effective area
  • High DQE
  • 6.8 lbs
  • Battery charge time:  3 hrs with battery charger, 6 hrs tethered
  • Battery life:  160 images during 4 hours (at 90 sec/cycle)
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • 3 second preview time


Carestream Health

Medical Imaging Technologies is the premier Carestream Health product provider in our region, and have extensive experience and knowledge of the Carestream DRX systems. The Carestream DRX-1 is designed to help optimize the imaging equipment you’re using right now. It’s compatible with any X-ray system that uses an ISO 4090-compliant, 35 x 43 cm cassettes so there’s no need to modify your generator or Bucky, discard your wall stand or table, replace your grids or radically alter your procedures. 

  • DRX System Console utilizes touch-screen interface
  • Integrates to generator
  • DRX-1 - 14x17 Wireless a-Si GOS FPD
  • DRX-1C - 14x17 Wireless a-Si CsI FPD

AGFA HealthCare

Medical Imaging Technologies is an AGFA Preferred Partner, specializing in AGFA's full line of medical imaging products. With AGFA's gold-standard Image Processing, Musica2, the images produced from the DX-D FPD line are exceptional. 

  • DX-D 30 - 14x17 Wireless a-Si CsI FPD
  • DX-D 20 - 14x17 tethered a-Si CsI or GOS FPD
  • DX-D 10 - 14x17 fixed a-Si CsI or GOS FPD