The team at Medical Imaging Technologies works hard to select and provide the industries best quality medical imaging equipment. From large hospitals and diagnostic imaging suites to small Urgent Care and Private Practice, we have the right solution to effectively improve your business.

The First and most important part of your medical imaging system is the acquisition device.  Modern day systems vary quite a bit in both cost and quality.  Not all systems are equal when looking at patient dose either.  We'll help you choose the best solution given your need and budget.


Medical Imaging Technologies can provide and support a wide range of General Radiographic systems and needs, from high volume radiology and Emergency/trauma environments needing the speed and efficiency of automation and integration with Modality Worklist, or orthopedic environments with flexible positioning needs, to smaller Urgent Care and Private Practice needing cost effective solutions with room to grow.




New, unique and cost effective RF systems.  The single system that can do everything.




Mobile X-Ray systems provide fast and convenient patient imaging everywhere including bedside, ICU, OR, and ER environments. Recent advances are making mobile imaging easy, safe and more dose-friendly than ever.




Direct Radiography, more specifically Flat Panel Detectors (FPDs), have emerged as the next generation digital X-ray technology. Medical Imaging Technologies has many DR options available. Modern panel technology continues to improve, as does the cost. Image quality and reliability is good across most manufacturers, some better than others. We've partnered with what we believe to be the industries leaders in DR technology based on quality, cost, and dose requirements.




CR systems were the first generation of digital imaging in general radiology, pushing the move away from film/chemistry/processing equipment. CR is still a good solution, typically more cost effective than DR but that is changing quickly. For the new to digital, or low volume facility CR is still a great choice. With all of the choices on the market today, and our long history supporting CR, we can help you decide the best way to go for your business.




Ultrasound is not a new technology as it's been around for diagnostic imaging since the 1970s. However over the past 10 years there have been significant technological improvements with the equipment, as well as development of new technologies that allowed ultrasound to become more widely adopted. As healthcare reform continues to favor the use of more cost-effective solutions, this trend is expected to persist until ultrasound is used in every doctor’s office. Medical Imaging Technologies can help you start or upgrade your US business, let us show you how.




CAD has been proven to greatly improve patient care with the early detection of disease. For Mammography, using a volumetric breast density measurement technology can detect phenomena difficult to see using traditional 2D technology. For chest, CAD technology can be used in several ways including suppression of the rib and clavicle bones that can obscure lung nodules, or subtraction of two different chest images taken at different times, creating a 3rd image revealing the differences.