Del Medical / Villa Sistemi

Since 1958, Villa Sistemi Medicali designs, manufactures and markets radiological systems for medical applications. Leveraging more than 50 years of experience in X-ray field, the company's know-how covers all technologies to create a modern Radiographic/Fluoroscopic room, while our preventive maintenance programs and service contracts, totally adapted to customer's needs, are assuring a regular and qualified support for our partners worldwide.

The Villa Sistemi Apollo is the next generation remote controlled RF system designed for maximum patient throughput and application flexibility. In the demanding environment of your imaging department, Apollo is one step ahead in the direction of efficiency. A perfect mix of flexibility, ease of use, image quality and connectivity allow you to get the best out your RF room.  

Special attention is given to patient dose reduction by using low-absorption tabletop materials, reduced skin-to-detector distance, automatic collimation, fully automatic parameter settings in both fluoro and exposure.

  • RF Remote Controlled Systems - Apollo, Apollo DRF, Apollo EZ
  • RF Conventional Tilting Systems
  • Four sites open access and one of the industry's lowest tabletop height
  • New touch-screen interface