GR40CW  -  Samsung Retrofit Digital X-Ray 

The GR40CW is designed for easy upgradability to a digital radiography (DR) system.  With enhanced and efficient workflow, GR40CW provides higher throughput, enabling a greater number of patients to be served.  The system's excellent image quality and low radiation dose requirement helps ensure diagnostic accuracy with a high level of patient care.


Experience ...

  • enhanced workflow and throughput
  • low patient dose
  • excellent image quality
  • reliability
(click to download PDF)

(click to download PDF)


Auto Exposure Detection

With the same size film or CR cassettes, GR40CW easily upgrades an analog or CR system to a superior DR system.  Auto Exposure Detection (AED) recognizes exposure timing automatically without a cable connection between the X-Ray generator and detector, allowing easy and simple installation.


3-step workflow

The GR40CW allows users to simplify their daily routines.  Workflow is three times faster than with CR, by reducing workflow steps it reduces cost and time while increasing productivity.


Samsung's next-generation S-Vue imaging engine delivers high-resolution images through advanced processing and adaptive filtering and provides enhanced image contract and sharpness.



Fast Preview

Preview and full images can be displayed in less than 3 seconds and 10 seconds respectively.  Previewed images can be re-taken or retrieved as full images.

Intuitive User Interface

A workstation with intuitive icons and buttons facilitates virtually effortless operation.