At the forefront of digital technology for decades, Samsung set its sites on the medical equipment market in recent years.  With considerable investment in its own innovative technologies as well as strategic acquisitions and mergers, Samsung has brought an impressive array of X-ray equipment to the market that have set new standards for resolution, speed and reliability.

Fundamentally Digital

The GR40CW DR Panel converts an existing analog/CR system into a superior DR system.  Because it's the same size as film/CR cassettes it can easily upgrade older equipment.  Auto Exposure Detection (AED) recognizes exposure timing automatically without an interconnect to the X-Ray generator thus permitting easy and simple installation and maintenance.



Transform Your Workflow

Introducing the GC85 overhead system.  Experience a new level of efficiency with a digital radiography system designed for streamlined operation.  System positioning can be done gently with only a small amount of physical pressure from two fingers.  Pre-programmed automated positioning greatly helps with workflow efficiency and lowering staff fatigue.


Quality care with affordability

The GC70 is a semi-automated system that's priced lower than the GC85 system.  GC70 offers you the choice to optimize your configuration according to your clinical needs.  S-Detector and S-Vue deliver high image quality for more precise diagnoses.  In addition, GC70 simplifies operation with auto-tracking, smart control and S-Guide, reducing diagnostic time and serving more patients.


Efficiency at hand

The GF50 is the essential floor-mount digital radiography system that offers performance, accuracy and efficiency.  Auto-tracking reduces diagnostic time so more patients can be served.  S-Detector and S-Vue deliver high image quality for more precise diagnosis.  In addition, GF50 simplifies operation with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.


Redefining Ergonomics

The GU60 series is a universal, fully motorized U-Arm system.  Its unique U-arm rotates from +120 to -30 degrees with an SID range from 100cm to 180cm.  GU60 also provides dual-speed movement to improve user convenience, and the fast-moving arm increases system throughput.


Superior Imaging on the Go

The GM85 Mobile system provides reliable and expanded access with advanced mobility.  With all the common features of modern day mobile systems, the GM85 includes Samsung's advanced S-Detectors with S-Vue making this mobile system a unique, low-dose, high quality solution.