Site Planning

For new construction or re-model projects, Medical Imaging Technologies offers complete radiographic room planning services using in-house computer-aided design and plotting to produce room layouts that best fit your space, workflow needs, imaging equipment needs, as well as incorporate state and federal radiation control guidelines.

Building and room electrical planning is a very important piece of having a successful outcome to any imaging equipment project. Larger systems have power specifications that must be met for the equipment to work as designed. Medical Imaging Technologies makes this step easy for our customers during the room planning phase, by providing the contractor/electrician with the needed power and location information.

Medical Imaging Technologies can also help plan your data network for use with the demanding needs of modern network-intensive medical imaging systems. Due to the extremely large packet size of most patient imaging studies, moving these files across a network will typically expose speed and efficiency problems, and could create unexpected issues with other critical network applications. We can help assess your current network, or your plan for new, to ensure your critical systems run at optimal capacity.

Wireless networks are a completely different animal...and growing in importance to meet user mobile needs. If you are planning to use a wireless network for patient image review, we can make sure your network is secure and signal coverage is appropriate.  We can also provide real-time layout reports of what your current wireless network "looks like" throughout your facility.  This can not only show you where weak spots are within your office, but also how much of your wireless network bleeds into public areas such as hallways, parking lots, city roads, etc.