GU60  -  U-Arm Digital X-Ray

The GU60 series offers lowered radiation exposure, while still maintaining a higher level of imaging.  An ergonomic approach enhances efficiency and productivity.  In addition, real-time monitoring ensures constant high-level performance.


Experience ...

  • ergonomic design leading to high productivity
  • image sharpness and low dose with S-Detector
  • rotation type Smart Stitching for higher accuracy
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(click to download PDF)


Quick and Flexible

The GU60 is a universal, fully motorized system that enables rapid movement.  Its unique U-arm rotates +120 to -30 degrees, and the Source to Image Distance (SID) travels 100cm to 180cm (39.37in to 70.86in) to enable examination in virtually any position with a remote control.

Rotation-type Smart Stitching

A properly-stitched image provides increased diagnostic clarity.  The GU60's Smart Stitching automatically captures two or more images consecutively, then automatically stitches them together into a single image.  Fully automated long-length imaging eliminates the necessity of the technologist to go back and forth from the control panel to the patient, re-positioning between exposures.  This greatly decreases the time of the exam and helps eliminate the possibility of patient movement and re-takes.


Samsung's next-generation S-Vue imaging engine delivers high-resolution images through advanced processing and adaptive filtering, and provides enhanced image contrast and sharpness.



Wireless, lightweight S-Detector displays the patient's anatomical structure clearly with high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE).  The efficiency of radiation and spatial resolution are improved compared to previous indirect type detectors, reducing radiation needed to ensure high image quality.

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive icons on the wide, 12-inch touchscreen of the Tube Head Unit (THU) allow users to easily operate the system.  In addition, multiple images can easily be captured after checking the previews.

Status Color Coding

With Status Color Coding, users can view the state of movement according to LED column color changes.  This intuitive ability to perceive system status enhances user ability to promptly handle different situations.

Auto Positioning

The fully automated swiveling arm moves to approximately 500 exam positions.  The arm can be controlled with the handheld wireless remote control.

Positioning Help

The function displays patient positioning image guides on the Tube Head Unit (THU) to ensure correct patient positioning before imaging.

Collision Avoidance System

Six sensors at the THU, swivel arm and receptor can detect the movement of patients and users to avoid collision.

Dose Management

An auto sensor transmits shooting condition data such as AEC and X-Ray dose information measured by the DAP to reduce radiation exposure, and relevant information is stored on PACS for cumulative patient dose tracking.

Individual Blade Control

A 4-axis individual blade control function reduces unnecessary radiation dosage by enabling only specific radiation areas to be set as needed.  This function is especially useful for pediatric chest examinations.