Medical Imaging Technologies was founded in 1983, and quickly became Colorado's premier medical imaging equipment and support company. The company had large warehouses to store radiographic film, film developing chemistry, and a large inventory of film processor parts. As the industry evolved into more advanced digital technology, Medical Imaging Technologies evolved with it. In the late '90's we invested in personnel and training to better understand what was coming; the digital transformation of the entire industry.

Through the years we developed strong relationships with key manufacturers who were leading the way in digital solutions. Our warehouse space needs decreased as providers moved away from film and chemistry, and our need to keep up with the fast advances in technology became clear.  Our business continued growing as we expanded into New Mexico and Utah.


Today Medical Imaging Technologies is the largest independent medical imaging solutions company in our region.  We continue to provide and support industry-leading medical imaging equipment, digital imaging solutions, a full line of radiology accessories, as well as a practical understanding of data networks, storage, distribution, and related security systems. Our customers have more options than ever, and continue putting their trust in Medical Imaging Technologies to help their businesses grow. 

"We're very excited to be a part of this ever-changing industry, and eager to grow with it."


For over 33 years Medical Imaging Technologies has been providing Imaging equipment and related services and solutions. With a reputation for integrity and quality, our guarantee is end user satisfaction on everything we provide.

Since we not only provide the diagnostic imaging equipment, but also support the IT systems that store and distribute data we have the ability to provide a highly customized solution to meet the unique needs of our customers.  Our long term customers agree that the benefits are seen immediately in cost savings and efficiency.  Whether upgrading equipment all at once or over a period of time, our customers are assured a solution that meets their needs with the best support available.



The goal of each team member at Medical Imaging Technologies is to provide an exceptional customer experience with integrity and innovation. We strive to be an asset and business partner to our customer base, by earning their trust and keeping it.


"We thank each of our customers who have supported Medical Imaging Technologies through the years.  
You are why we're here!"



Medical Imaging Technologies is a proud shareholder of National Healthcare Distributors (NHD)